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Forever in Bloom - Specializes in Custom "Real Touch" Silk Flowers for Weddings, Special Events and Prom Flowers with over 33 years of Floral Experience using Fresh Flowers and New Generation Silk Flowers

I use High end permanent botanicals, such as: "Real Touch", "Fresh Touch", "Soft Touch", "Natural Touch", "True Touch", "Garden Fresh", "New Generation", and other high quality, Realistic Silk Flowers (the kind where you "just have to smell to believe they are not real")

Shop Policies.
Custom Real Touch & High End Bridal Bouquets using the most realistic, life-like and botanically correct silk flowers.
Unlike other designers, I will not force you into a minimum order, or budget you cannot afford.  If you wish to purchase 1 bouquet and 1 bout, than that is fine with me. You can order whatever combination of items that you need.  In this recession, money is tight.  Weddings are getting smaller and people are using more homes and fields over expensive venues.  Not everyone has the extra cash to have 5 bridesmaids and groomsmen, and all the other bells and whistles that can bust a wedding budget.

Being a professional florist for over 40 years, and designing just about everything imaginable to a bride,  I can make whatever you have in mind from, off the wall bouquets to hanging birdcages.  From head wreaths to flower girl wands.  Hanging pew arrangements to floral pew bows.  If you have seen it on the internet and want one just like it, I can probably do it. 
There is no exact pricing for bouquets.
Due to the kinds of greens and flowers you may wish to have in your bouquets, there is no real set price, just a average guess.  if you want all daisy's, it certainly is not the same as having all roses or all Hydrangeas.  As in the fresh flower world, no two different kinds of flowers cost the same due to season, popularity or availability.  Same is true with real touch flowers.  Each variety and each vender has a different cost and seasons do play a role.  The more delicate and detailed it is, the higher the price.

What are some pricing guidelines?
The price of wedding flowers depends on the type of silk flowers used, the quantity, and availability.  Also, size and style of the bouquets or arrangements also makes a huge difference. The larger it is, the more flowers we use.   Some styles are more labor intensive such as the cascade or tear drop. Here is an blog link that will help you understand pricing.  This also applies to silks, as silk flowers tends to be about the same or a little higher in price.
Magazine-Worthy Wedding Flowers: The Pricing You Should Expect

Here are some of my general guidelines:


Bride's Bouquet- $125 - $200 and up.  Most Bridal bouquets have 3 to 4 different kinds of flowers, 5 or 6 kinds for a huge bouquet.  To make the bouquet look right you need to use at least 6 or more of each kind of flower, unless it is a huge flower like the hydrangea.  The more kinds of flowers you have in your bouquets, the bigger it is, and the more expensive it will be.  

Maid/Matron of Honor Bouquet- $90 - $125 and up.  At least 9 inches in diameter but can be made smaller and less expensive for budget conscious brides.

Bridesmaid Bouquet- $75 - $100.00 and up.  At least 8 inches in diameter but can be made smaller and less expensive for budget conscious brides. 

JR. Bridesmaids and Flower Girls Bouquets - $45.00 and up.  At least 6 inches in diameter but can be made smaller and less expensive for budget conscious brides.

Toss Bouquet- $45.00 and up.  At least 6 inches in diameter but can be made smaller and less expensive for budget conscious brides.

Flower Girls-   Baskets, Wands, Head Wreaths, kissing balls, etc.... $45.00 and up.

Who else wears flowers?

Corsages Are worn by mothers, grandmothers, personal attendants, readers, musicians, and hostesses. They are also often chosen for sisters, aunts and other special guests.  Mothers can carry a small nosegay or flowers on a purse.  Corsages are either worn as a bracelet or  pinned on dress.

Pin on Corsages-   $15.00 and up.

Wrist Corsages-   $20.00 and up, depending on the wristband.  Weather it is elastic, pearls, rhinestones or other.

Purse Corsages-   $15.00 and up.

Small Nosegay-   $35.00 and up.  Usually smaller and more dainty that a JR. Bridesmaid.

Boutonnieres Are for the groom and groomsmen, ushers, ring bearers, fathers and grandfathers.  They are also often chosen for uncles, brothers, readers, musicians, escorts, godfathers, or other special guest.

Groom's Boutonniere-   $12.00 and up.

Best Man-   $11.00 and up.

Groomsman/Fathers/Ushers-   $10.00 and up.

Ring Bearer-  $8.00 and up.

Other Flowers to Think About.

Cake Topper-  $35.00 and up.

Pew Bows-  $8.00 and up.

Pew Arrangements-  $35.00 and up.

Garden Hanging Pots-  $50.00 and up.

Table Arrangements-  $50.00 and up.
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