Custom Real Touch & High End Bridal Bouquets using the most realistic, life-like and botanically correct silk flowers.
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Copy-Cat Wedding Bouquets
After being a wedding specialist, florist for over 30 years, I was so excited to find real touch flowers a few years ago.  As a fresh flower florist, we all seem to look at silk flowers as inferior and out of date, but this new trend of making flowers look and feel real is sweeping the country by storm and the brides of today want more for their money, (a keepsake).
being a florist that works with fresh flowers I am extremely picky about the flowers I use while designing with silks.  If they are not botanically accurate, I cannot see myself using them.  Although many brides like the roundy moundy style bouquet, I love the fresh picked garden look with lots of different sizes and shapes.  I love bouquets that compliment the brides colors rather than blending in with her colors.
If you are going to spend good money on a high end real touch flower, don’t ruin them by dyeing them an unnatural color.  If you pick flowers that are already that color in nature it will look so much more realistic.  
Copt-Cat Bouquets::   I often get brides asking when I duplicate a fresh bouquet, how do Real Touch and High End Silks compare to their fresh counterpart? Below are some of the fresh Inspirations that brides have sent me and the finished silk bouquet.  Many times, flowers do not meet my standards and I will refuse to put them in a bouquet and not always can I find the exact flower in the exact color but switching up a few flowers can pretty much give the same look.

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